Jazz à Vienne French Jazz Festival

Jazz à Vienne is a festival that is held in France, it was founded in 1981, and it became extremely popular in a short period of time. People from all around the world were coming to France just to see and experience the jazz festival. The festival is located in Vienne in the section of Isere and it is organized every summer. Usually, the jazz festival last for about two weeks and it is always during the summer season, that way they attract a lot more people that are looking for a relaxing vacation.


As we mentioned before, this music festival is located in Vienne which is one of the most beautiful places in France. People that are coming to visit Vienne usually plan their trip to match the jazz festival. The founder of this jazz festival was the old Roman theater. The Roman theater has the largest stage that’s why it is the main stage for this festival. It has over 7000 seats for spectators, making it the biggest stage in Vienne.

Famous Jazz Musicians

Another thing that is responsible for attracting a large number of people is the variety of musicians that are performing for the crowd. Furthermore, some of those musicians are extremely popular and a lot of people are interested in seeing them perform.  Some of the popular musicians that are coming there are Miles Davis, Claude Challe, Stan Getz, Sonny Rollins and more.  Another great thing about this jazz music festival is that provides a range of other genres of music that are closely related and similar to jazz such as blues or funk. That is because a lot of people that are fans of jazz music also like to listen to these genres.


There are plenty more reasons why you should visit this jazz music festival, even if you are not into jazz, you can find a lot of different genres that might interest you. Also, this will be an extremely great experience that creates an atmosphere that lifts the hearts of many people. The whole city is welcoming a large number of people each summer due to this jazz festival.